Our projects include


We utilize software to make the connection from office to field easy. We also offer access to our clients to follow the project along with us, if requested.


Every job site is assigned a highly experienced supervisor to meet all requirements and communicate with the field staff.


We have a strong relationship with every Manufacture's representative to facilitate Job site needs.


Before a project even begins, our team makes sure all pre-construction requirements are met. Including insurance, submittals, safety requirements, and plan reviews.


Working with our clients, we generate a schedule of realistic time of completion during the course of construction. The schedule is constantly updated to accommodate construction or weather delays.


marco garcia

Marco Garcia is TCT Contractors President, but he’s not afraid to get out there and get dirty. He continues to be actively involved in every project of the TCT family.

alberto garcia

Our Vice President, Alberto, is well versed in construction management. He’s constantly working to improve company standards and production.


sandra oliveira

Sandra holds a vital role within the organization as an Officer Manager. Responsible for all project documents from pre-construction to closeout. 

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